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How to choose what is your favorite flavor? 

Of course, try all of them!!! 


We make our own vegetable pastes and juices for colouring.

The  sauces will accentuate the genuineness of the flavor.

COMBO (3 pices of each of the 11 items. 33 pieces in total)

    • Bumble Bee
    • Agent Spinach
    • Blue Ninja
    • Parmesan it!
    • Ciao bella!
    • Captain Pickle
    • Chicken-in-law
    • Prosciutto Raid
    • Pepperoni Heist
    • Cherry on top
    • Pear-fect
  • 3 pices of every 11 item. Total 33 pieces

no artificial flavour
unique recipes
no artificial colours
natural ingridients
free delivery
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